021: Clark Pingree – Unkind Speech at Church

In this episode, Clark Pingree discusses the unkind words and allegations that are often spoken (often unintentionally) in LDS congregations each Sunday about homosexuals and homosexuality.

1 comment for “021: Clark Pingree – Unkind Speech at Church

  1. Brenda
    October 25, 2014 at 1:02 am

    Thanks for posting this….i just joined the. Church only 8 months ago. At a relief society meeting they started speaking of homosexual marriage and standing up for your faith. Many mean and hateful comments were said. I was so upset i almost walked out . I could literally feel pain in my entire body! It was awful, but i also am highly sensitive person/ empath. I have not recovered from this and have problems going back now because of it.
    On a side note I would not mind being interviewed for a video on this site. The reason being I have extensive near death experience knowledge and was raised by a christian fundamentalist mother. With that, I was taught gays were evil. I resesrched for myself through ndes and the knowledge from gays/lesbians going to the other side and meeting christ himself is amazing and profound! God loves them so much and I will just say i know now that each person is uniquely and divinely created by God. There are no mistakes! I love homosexuals and hope that people devlop a christ like love for their fellow brothers and sisters. It is time.

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