“Exploration of Experiences and Psychological Health of Same-sex Attracted Latter-day Saints” is a joint research project conducted by the following researchers:

  • Brigham Young University Biology Department
    • William Bradshaw, Ph.D.
  • Utah State University Psychology Department
From July – September 2011 a group of 1,635 current and former members of the LDS Church who have experienced same-sex attraction (SSA) completed a survey designed to better understand the following areas:
  • Basic demographics
  • Sexual identity development
  • Psychosocial health / wellbeing
  • Mental health experiences including attempts to change their same-sex attraction
  • Religious experiences
Over the next several years it is our intent to analyze the data from this study and publishing peer-reviewed journal articles to explore and better understand the experiences of same-sex attracted current and former members of the LDS church.